IDCONs results 2021

2021 was again a successful IDCONs trading year! The GOPACS platform, which consists of the Dutch TSO and all Dutch DSOs, has used our IDCONs product to do redispatches in their grids to manage congestion. Our market participants have traded…
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No Log4j impact ETPA

ETPA is aware of the vulnerability in Apache Log4j (CVE-2021-44228: Apache Log4j2 <=2.14.1 JNDI features used in the configuration, log messages, and parameters do not protect against attacker-controlled LDAP and other JNDI related endpoints). Via this post we would like…
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Ex-post trading results Q1 and Q2 2021

In the first half-year of 2021, our participants have traded 20,936 MWh on Ex-post (An increase of 26.67% compared to period Q3 & Q4 2020). In total 5846 ex-post trades (An increase of 13.74% compared to Q3 & Q4 2020)…
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Ex-post trading results Q3 and Q4 2020

In the second half-year of 2020, our participants have traded 16,528 MWh on Ex-post (An increase of 13.39% compared to period Q1 & Q2 2020). In total 5140 ex-post trades (An increase of 33.16% compared to Q1 & Q2 2020)…
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Ex-post trading results Q1 and Q2 2020

In the first half year of 2020 our participants have traded 14.500 MWh on Ex-post (Increase of 34% compared to period Q3 & Q4 2019). In total 3.860 ex-post trades (Increase of 33% compared to Q3 + Q4 2019) have…
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EnAppSys Add-in into ETPA orderbook

EnAppSys and ETPA have joint forces to increase liquidity on the “ex-post” trading market and have built a completely new data-integration into ETPA. This integration loads the predicted TenneT Ex-Post settlement prices from EnAppSys into your trading screen next to your Ex-post trading tab. This Live imbalance price calculation (instead of D+1 9:00…
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A second market maker

ETPA is pleased to announce that a second market maker has started to quote on ETPA’s intra-day orderbook. Consequently, we are not only seeing a significant increase in orders and trades for the hours, but also for the quarter hours.…
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A market solution for congestion on the grid

Stedin, TenneT and ETPA (Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam) are starting a pilot to address congestion on the power grid in specific areas in the Netherlands. We announced the start of the pilot at the largest exhibition for the Dutch horticulture…
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New Product: Day ahead baseload contract

ETPA’s main goal is to unlock flexibility in the market. As of yet, the main focus was on new products like quarters and ex-post. On January 25th this year we are happy to say the first day-ahead baseload contract was…
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TKI Urban Energy

Together with TNO, Stedin DSO and TenneT TSO, an application was sent in on September 12th for the TKI Urban Energy project Congestion Management TSO DSOs through flexibility. The application was approved on December 8th and in total a subsidy…
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