ETPA Employees

Pol van der Linde


Pol van der Linde has a background in energy trading and worked as an option market maker with All Options. Pol understands the energy market and is responsible for product development and the commercial side of ETPA. Pol has a masters in Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

Jorrit Nijholt

Head of IT

I have joined ETPA, via TenneT, in 2016. I am the Head of IT and PO for ETPA (and related projects like CTPA and GOPACS). I try to bridge the gap between the energy sector, (energy) trading and IT to get new (and relevant) products out on our platform. I have a masters in applied Physics at the university of Groningen.

Anil Derbent

Senior Software Developer

Hi, my name is Anil Derbent. I’m from Turkey and I have been working for ETPA and living in the Netherlands since February 2018. I am a Senior Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience, mostly focused on the back-end, dev-ops and data-engineering.

Juan Buhagiar

Medior Software Developer

Hey! I’m Juan from Malta. I’ve graduated with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence, class of 2019. I’ve studied at the University of Malta, Groningen & Amsterdam. I started working at ETPA in 2017 as a software developer & I’m interested in making ETPA more Data-Driven! Besides ETPA, I spend most of my time thinking of food (and eating it)

Daniël Bronder

Junior Software Developer

My name is Daniël Bronder and I started to work at ETPA as a Software Developer back in 2018. My main focus at ETPA is developing the front-end and helping our clients to understand our platform and helping them connect to the API. After work a like to go for a run or play a game of tennis.

Jack Steffens

Front-end Developer

Hey there! My name is Jack, a software developer born and raised in Amsterdam. I’m part of the front-end team at ETPA and have been working on the ETPA project since February 2016.

Silvano Biemans

Junior Software Developer

My name is Silvano Biemans and I am a Software Engineering student working as a developer at ETPA. Working part-time allows me to gain experience in the field while also giving me plenty of time to finish my studies.

Katharina Tukelic

Software Developer

I’m an IT engineer, living in Novi Sad where I’m finishing up my master studies and working as a remote software developer in outsourcing. I have the most experience with back-end development, but I also like doing some front-end tasks from time to time. In my free time I like to relax with an interesting book or a good tv show.

Sinisa Dujanic

Senior Developer

Hi, my name is Sinisa Dujanic, I’m a software developer from Novi Sad, Serbia. My main area of expertise is back end but also I’m not afraid to tackle front-end or infrastructure tasks. To relax I like to read and listen to music, apart from that I enjoy walks and swimming.

Nemanja Bilinac

Back-end Developer

I’m an IT engineer from Novi Sad, Serbia, working as a remote software developer in outsourcing for more than 6 years. In my role as a backend developer I have gained the most experience involving the energy sector. During my free time I enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, fishing and sailing.

Ana Gligoric

Software Developer

I am Ana, an IT engineer, living in Novi Sad, Serbia. I am working as a remote software developer in outsourcing. My main focus is working on back-end systems, but I also enjoy working and learning about front-end. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, drawing and playing table tennis.

Anisa Askarova

Front-end developer

Robin Nguyen

Junior Software Developer

Hi! My name is Robin Nguyen and I’m a parttime developer working at ETPA. I’m a software enigineering student that tries to gain experience during my studies. The experience I gain at ETPA and school helps me to develop my skills for the professional field. It is also fun for me to spend time on chess and have fun with friends!

Rutger Oosthoek

Senior developer

Ognjen Vlajic

Medior developer

Pieter Kraaijeveld

Supervisory Board

After graduating in business economics in Rotterdam, Pieter Kraaijeveld worked for Schiphol Group for eight years. He then worked for several years as an independent international consultant in the public-private sector. At the beginning of 2005, Pieter was asked to become a board member at ProRail. After nine years at ProRail and a year as COO at Arriva, Pieter now works on an assignment basis for various clients in the public & private utility, transport, mobility, energy and infrastructure sector on strategic, business development and operational issues.

Robert Boekestijn

Business developer