A participant is the official entity. A participant has individuals. The individuals are the users of participant.
The power wallet is a wallet held by a foundation (in Dutch stichting) which is acting as a 'Stichting Derdengelden'. This secures the money of the participant in the power wallet in case of ETPA bankruptcy. The power wallet can be seen a debit payment system. If you don't have money in the power wallet you are not allowed to buy energy (or sell a negative price). The ETPA platform does not allow power wallets to go negative in balance.

When the participant wants to do a deposit money to the power wallet, a user with Wallet rights need to initiate the deposit in the ETPA platform on the wallet page. A payment instruction email will be sent to the initiator with further instructions. This email includes a unique identifier which is needed to be added to money transfer to the foundation. During the KYC procedure ETPA has connected one IBAN account per participant. This is the IBAN account from which the money needs to be transferred to the foundation. If the IBAN account or the unique identifier in not matching the payment instruction, ETPA will transfer the money back to the sender.

In case of a withdrawal the initial will receive a confirmation email with the amount and processing time. The money will be transferred to the IBAN account which was connect to the participant.

Wallet threshold
In order to make sure that you never run out of money in your power wallet, we have created a wallet balance warning service. This wallet balance warning email is sent at 01:00 AM, if the minimal threshold is reached. The value of this minimal threshold can be set in the upper right corner and are personal settings for the individual (so every user under a participant can set his own value).
What is it? ETPA provides an EX-post orderbook (quarters only) where EX-Post trading can happen. This is interesting for parties who have imbalances (long or short) in their portfolio and who would like to reduce their imbalance costs. In case of regulation state 2, a quarter is dual priced. Trading opportunities arise in these quarters for our participants. At ETPA we bring together these participants, enabling them to take advantage of EX-post trading and lowering their (imbalance) costs.

The electricity law (article 3.6.18-19) allows a confirmed E-program to be changed until 10:00 the next day. This is Ex-Post nomination. We offer EX-post trading till 9:30 the next day.
A trade is when 2 orders match.
A transaction is when money is transferred from one power wallet to another.
Enappsys is a company which provides predictions of the imbalance prices used by TenneT for upwards and downwards redispatch settlement. These predictions can be used for Ex-Post trading.


The basic fees for intra-day and Baseload trading can be found at participants -> Schedule 1: ETPA Fees
For using Ex-Post there is an additional fee of €50,- a month. The traded MWh is not included in this.
There is an additional fee of €100,- a month when you are not a client of Enappsys.
There is an additional fee of €50,- a month when you are client of Enappsys.

Registration procedure